4th of July Weekend 2016: Our first trip to Elkhart Lake, WI with Libby was just magical!! We hope the 56 photos and 3 videos here tell the story…our family vacation was thumbs up all the way:))

IMG_0757IMG_0773IMG_0782IMG_0788IMG_1069IMG_0791IMG_0806IMG_0800IMG_2279IMG_2276IMG_0824IMG_2292IMG_2287IMG_2293IMG_0880IMG_2308IMG_2327IMG_2326IMG_0839IMG_0862IMG_0870IMG_0888IMG_0884IMG_0889IMG_0894IMG_0916IMG_2347IMG_2318IMG_0942IMG_0945IMG_0946IMG_2355IMG_2356IMG_0939IMG_0938IMG_2362IMG_0929IMG_0935IMG_2373IMG_0980IMG_0970IMG_0975IMG_0995IMG_1006IMG_2241IMG_2243IMG_2247IMG_1050IMG_1036IMG_1020IMG_1023IMG_1054IMG_2391 (1)

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